Opportunities come from Change.

The Energy Transition will bring Immense Change.

Current– Quartz Projects

transition.inc has two projects with excellent, high-quality quartz. With NI-43101 Resources at Snow White in Ontario and Silicon Ridge / La Crête de Silicium in Québec. The silica in high-quality quartz can be used to make silicon metal, a key component in solar energy panels.

Potential– Critical Minerals

The transition to cleaner energy will depend on critical energy transition minerals. Minerals – such as copper, lithium, nickel, cobalt – are essential components in many of the new clean energy technologies and required infrastructure- from wind turbines and grid refurbishment to electric vehicles. transition.inc is looking for low-carbon production opportunities in critical minerals

Potential - Additional Opportunities across the Energy Transition

To profit from change, you should focus energy not on fighting for the old, but on helping build the new.


Let's work together or, Let's Hear from you

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